...Is This Thing On?

...OK. Hi. I'm Dan. You may remember me from such historical posts as January 10th's, or maybe even January 4th's for all of you crazy (fellow) old people who can remember that far back. Needless to say the New Year's resolution to keep my blog regularly updated has failed fantasmagorically. University has a habit of shifting priorities towards schoolwork, but I think I've recovered from that now.

The following is a feeble attempt to recap what's been going on in my life for over the past two months. The last blog post had me at the day before the start of spring semester, so grab the popcorn, it'll be a while.


*Following the critical and commercial success of Urinetown, I decided to try out for Florida Tech College Players' latest foray into the world of acting, "While The Lights Were Out". Auditions were in that first week back from break, and we're already halfway through performances. All you need to know is I play an old stuffy Scrooge-like British guy in a murder mystery farce. Also, watch this commercial to be even more confused.

*This semester finds me with five classes: Chem II, Calc II, Physics I, Physics Lab I and Aviation Meteorology. Got all B's on my midterms but those are definitely subject to change, based on some of the recent test results. (For reference to my fellow Canuckleheads... the letter grades are skewed by 10% from what you're used to. In Florida at least, a 60-69% is a D, and so forth until A=90-100%. Hit me like a ton of bricks when I found out.)

*Last year, I was in Florida for my 18th birthday, enjoying a free day at Disney... this year was slightly different, to say the least. For one thing, being of legal drinking/gambling age in Canada and not being able to take advantage of said for another three months... kind of sucks. I mean, I don't plan of binge-drinking or whatever, but it'd be nice to just have something. The Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics happened to fall on the same day, and were almost painful to watch being so far away from home. Throughout the week I confirmed for myself what I already thought: NBC gets the gold medal for Olympic coverage fail. It's bad enough they try to pack a full day of live sports into a neat little noticeably-not-live package for primetime and still wonder why they're losing money. But here's the kicker: When I desperately tried to get live coverage by logging onto CTV's website, I found out that NBC had specifically made it so Americans couldn't watch CTV live coverage, without offering ANY live online coverage of their own. I've said it before, I'll say it again: NBC is like the snotty little brat who flipped over the chessboard because he was losing. At least that made the dejected sound of the commentators after the gold-medal hockey game all the more music to my ears. (GREAT game on the players' part, though.)

Oh, not to mention the maple-infused awesomeness that was the Closing Ceremony. Highlights include: William Shatner on making love in a canoe without tipping it over; Michael J. Fox simply being there; and the "Made in Canada" sequence extravaganza which was quite possibly the funniest and greatest moment I've ever seen on television. Seriously, it was like watching South Park Presents: Canada On Ice. I've never been so proud of my country's sense of humour.

And to leave this Olympic discussion (which was still longer than NBC's, incidentally), I give you NBC confusing Terry Fox for Michael J. Fox.

*And because I haven't mentioned how much NBC truly fails in other venues yet, there's that whole Tonight Show debacle. I was extremely pissed at how it turned out, but the outpouring of support for Conan was amazing, and the last week of shows even more so. Conan proved that the funniest comedy comes when you've got nothing to lose; all the punchlines were NBC-related and fully deserved. Not to mention it allows Conan to be his old self on another network in the future, but not for seven months after the last Tonight Show... thank God for "Conan's Legally-Prohibited-From-Being-Funny-On-Television Tour."


...Huh. Thought it'd be longer than this. (TWSS.) Guess a disadvantage of being old is forgetting things. Who knew? Well, anyway, I hope to add more to the blog eventually and hopefully not another two months down the line. Thanks for reading the discontinuous adventures of Old Man Dan.


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