Old Man Dan's Video Roundup

I figure there's gonna be a lot of these, but hey, might as well start one now. Here's a random collection of (NON-pornographic) videos I've found online recently.

1. 150-cc thrills abound in Mario Kart: The Movie.

2. Doc Brown meets the Governator. It's about time!

3. Windows 7 was waaaaaay too many people's idea.

4. While we're on College Humor... what would it look like if retro video games destroyed New York City? Freaking AWESOME, that's what.

5. Probably the crudest video I'm going to post... ever... but it's just so damn funny. "F*ck Planet Earth"

6. And, rounding out the list, the single greatest contribution to modern art: Final Cello Countdown.

So... basically, this list was done because I've got pretty much nothing else. But hey, there's always bitching about finals in a couple of weeks.