And Now For Something Completely Different

*cough* *hack* *death* ...Damned dust.

Hello and welcome to another semi-regular... well, considering the last entry was over a quarter of a year ago, I'll say "undead"... blog post. I'll be honest, I'm pretty much only writing this because I have 11 posts in the entire existence of this page, and I might as well make it 12 so I can average out to one a month. So without further ado, I present the return of Old Man Dan's ramblings, in absolutely no coherent order whatsoever.

1) If you'll notice that likely-fossilized post just below this one, you may notice a brief mention of a sunburn. Well, that turned out to be crippling sun poisoning from which it took two weeks to recover. Itching. Skin bubbles everywhere. Not pretty. It's only by the miracle of having never broken a bone (yet) with which I can say it was some of the worst pain I've had to endure.

2) Oh, and that "Drowsy Chaperone" thing? AWESOME. The character of Aldolpho worked so well for my strengths... especially that of being comically hopeless. Even got a review in Florida Today about it. "Feldzeig hires gigolo Adolpho (scene stealing and hysterical Dan Smith -- he of great timing)"... I'll definitely take that. The whole cast and crew did fantastic, and we heard nothing but praise.

3) Failed Calc III. What a terrible class.

4) Saw Young Frankenstein: The Musical at the start of the month... to say that it was tear-inducingly hilarious would be an insufficient description of its genius. It's literally as if the entire movie, original jokes and all, happened to be in musical form. Amazing.

5) Apparently one of the girls on MTV's "Teen Mom" makes about $280,000 a year. This really had no place in the post, I just wanted to incinerate any shred of hope you had for the world. Happy New Year!

6) Gots me a new Canon Powershot SD4500 for Ecksmas. The old camera was the first I ever had; lasted about 4 years before it kept yelling at me to change the batteries even when they were brand-new, so I upgraded. (God, I hope I'm not as easily replaceable when I get senile.*)Haven't had much opportunity to really test its merit, but so far it's treated me well. Also got Epic Mickey and a metric shit-ton of candy, the former being a really freakin' cool game.

7) Not only did we not see a single tropical system at Florida Tech this year, but there were maybe two thunderstorms max for the entirety of last semester. (And I actually think both occurred even before my last post.) Dammit all, I need excitement! In the form of gratuitous light shows and loud noises! (Naturally-occurring loud noises, that is. If those douchenozzles below my room blast their "music" one more time, I will personally drive a screwdriver through their cranium... or, failing that, mine.)

8) Having lived in the South for over a year-and-a-half now, I can honestly say I've never been prouder to be Canadian when it comes to politics. We know to not take ourselves too seriously; our politicians do awesome stuff for comedy shows all the time, with essentially zero political gain. Heck, even Prime Minister Sweatervest, with his constant and quite impressive imitation of a robot, rocks out every now and then. Compare that to the States, where if it's good for Democrats, it MUST be bad for Republicans, and vice versa. Look, I know political parties exist to identify a lot of what you stand for on a public platform, but slander and calling for blood doesn't seem so much impassioned as batshit insane. "I strongly disagree with your views" is rational; "OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST SEEKRIT MUSLIM!!!1!" or "BUSH IS A 9/11-CAUSING NAZI!!!1!" is not.

I probably have a bit of liberal bias, but it's only because the other side usually makes it so damned easy. 2010 saw the rise of the Teabagger, after all (or rise-fall-rise-fall-rise-etc., depending on context). I've gotta say, I don't think the amount of vitriol spewed forth in political opposition was as bad during the Bush administration, although this is coming from an out-of-country observer. FOX is an entirely different beast altogether for me, I must admit; it's a sad state of affairs when Comedy Central provides my news, and FOX News provides my comedy. At risk of hypocrisy, to everyone currently embroiled in hatred towards "the other side", whichever one it may be, I offer good ol' Abe's take that "a house divided against itself cannot stand". Loosely translated: shut the fuck up and get along already.


Well, discussing politics tends to drain me of all creativity (and occasional will to live), so I'll leave it there. I will, at the very least, attempt to update this before my new record of 111 days is up.


*More so.