Deep Thoughts, Or Something

As cliché as that title sounds, I felt like writing all of a sudden and find myself with nothing in particular to write about. Seeing as how I haven't had an update in over two months, I figure I could have this as a placeholder, so... here we go.

1. So far, my sophomore year can only be described as "weird". A week after I started my classes, my grandma passed away, facilitating a trip back up north for the weekend funeral, then immediately back down to Melbourne. The funeral went about as good as you could possibly expect such a thing to go, but it's probably the only time I've ever "visited" Canada -- about 36 hours back in the country, in total. Anyway, besides classes (really, who the hell wants to hear about those?), being back has been pretty good. I'm in an even bigger room now with awesome roommates, and 2 out of 3 of them enjoy cooking... which makes for a good symbiotic relationship, since I enjoy stuffing my face. (Don't, uh... don't read too far into that.) The new show for College Players is "The Drowsy Chaperone", and all you really need to know about my role can be summed up quite nicely right here. Also I've been commissioned by our on-campus TV station to do the news program we're just starting up, and they've essentially given me carte blanche to (try to) be funny on television. We're doomed.

2. As of this writing, I'm very sunburned. Like, the-lobster-should-be-ready-in-a-few-minutes-dear sunburned. I have a history of being in Florida and having to go to the same clinic just outside of Disney property for treatment (where, and I don't know why I remember this specifically, Robin Hood is always playing), and this is not unlike one of those times. Despite my best sunblocking efforts, my skin is apparently heliophilic as all hell.

3. Loud music sucks. I'm not talking about like the cannonfire from 1812 Overture, that's just pure concentrated badass. I'm referring to the idiots residing in the room below mine who feel the urge to inject heavy bass into their daily (and oft-nightly) routine. Pro tip: If my room is shaking and we're not in California, either I'm having sex -- statistically unlikely -- or your (c)rap music is up way beyond a sensible level.

And don't even bother with that "If it's too loud, you're too old" shit. I know it. I'd have motion-activated Gatling guns installed on my lawn if it were legal and I were rich.

Come to think of it, buying a subwoofer and blasting 1812 Overture at their doorstep might be a viable solution.

4. About a month ago I got to experience Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter, henceforth referred to as Pottersville. I must say, the themeing was quite impressive... and the frozen butterbeer was damned good, even if it was only butterscotch cream soda. Seriously, I'd drink that stuff straight out of the keg they have set up outside. Anyway, the only new ride there was awesome (Forbidden Journey) and is a gamechanger for dark rides. The sets are pretty cool, although the screens that move with your vehicle have projected images, and therefore are blurry as hell.

Speaking of which, I managed to get my Premier annual pass renewed for only $200. That may seem like a lot, but A) I saved $90 by renewing online, and B) it pays for itself in about 2-and-a-half visits. Plus apparently I get a Harry Potter commemorative holographic ticket next time I go back, so... you know, there's that.

5. There's this really cool music program called Synthesia which I've become rather fond of. Basically, you can download MIDI file sequences like this one and run them in the program, which scrolls the notes Guitar Hero-style along the correct keys. Since there is an abundance of MIDI files floating around the net of songs I've always wanted to learn but can't read the sheet music for, this is a good application to have. So far I've learned the full songs to Twister and Jurassic Park, and about half of Harry Potter thanks to Synthesia.

6. I have a sudden craving for poutine that I won't be able to properly satisfy until December. Dammit.

7. Why do girls date douchebags?

I know that seems a little forward, and I don't mean it as a blanket statement. Some women get involved in active relationships with guys who are clearly and unequivocally douchebags (or douchenozzles, douchecanoes, any variation on the word), and then are shocked -- SHOCKED -- when they finally realize he's been treating her like shit since Day One. As much as I naturally see the good in people, usually with the aid of my specially-patented rose-coloured glasses, I can't help but wonder if those types of women simply deserve to have it happen to them.


...Well, I hate to end it on that note, but I honestly have nothing else to say for now. Thanks for listening/tolerating.